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The Purest Thing in This World Is Inuman, the Pork Bun Dog

Look at his lil face!!

A stuffed animal shaped like a pork bun but with the face of a dog Mondo Mascots

If you are not already following Mondo Mascots, you should be. The site, run by Chris Carlier, looks into the deep world of Japanese mascots, of which there appear to be nearly infinite options. As Eater has pointed out before, there’s Peanuts-kun, the YouTuber with a peanut for a head. There’s Shugar, the polar bear sugar cube, who represents the website Shuf-Chef. But please, take a moment out of your day to consider Inuman, the half pork bun half dog.

Inuman is... so cute. It is unbearable. He comes in a little paper sack! He is full of pork! He is also full of mystery, as any search for “Inuman pork dog mascot” or “give me the pork bun dog japan” brings up nothing about who he is or why he was created. Mondo Mascots tweeted that it found him in a Tokyo toy store, but do not specify if he is an actual mascot or if he is simply a beautiful creature for whom we must at once develop an institution worthy of his mascotitude. A pork bun dog cafe? The paper sleeve manufacturer? The ASPCA? Someone just tell me where to send my money, I’ll take two.

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