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The World’s Biggest White Castle Is Coming to Disney World’s Backyard

Plus, a gaming headset that feeds you chips and more news to start your day

The Cinderella Castle during an overcast day is seen in the Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

Cinderella’s palace at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will soon get some competition as White Castle plans on opening its biggest location ever in Orlando as early as next year.

The restaurant will be 4,500-square-feet and located at the Village at O-Town West, a new development near Disney World and Universal Studios with a boardwalk, restaurants, shops, condos, and a “clear lagoon-style water body.” In a statement about the $1 billion property, developer Chuck Whittall stated, “It’s important that we have special restaurants. We’re going to create a boardwalk that goes all around the water, so people can go there, go to a restaurant, go to a bar, and listen to live music — just to have a place to really spend the evening at.”

An evening that includes a visit to Florida’s first White Castle since the 1960s. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the location will employ “about 145 people,” but “company officials did not announce any other possible locations in the state at Monday’s event.”

Sure, Disney World might still be the most magical place on Earth, but do they sell Crave Cases? Your fave Mickey could never.

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