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California Hits In-N-Out With a Million-Dollar Lawsuit for Allegedly Starting a Wildfire

Plus, Papa John is sad again, and more news to start your day

An in-n-out burger sign against a grey sky. Shutterstock

In-N-Out’s mystery property was allegedly covered in dry grass, making it a literal hot bed for a forest fire

California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) is suing In-N-Out Burger for $1.3 million after a fire allegedly broke out on one of the burger chain’s properties in 2017. However, the fire wasn’t some kind of grill accident gone ultra-awry — Cal Fire is alleging that it started on a rural property owned by In-N-Out near San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande.

According to the lawsuit (via Vice), the “Huasna fire” burned 245 acres over four days in September 2017. Cal Fire claims a piece of hot machinery on a lawn mower ignited the dry grass on the In-N-Out property, resulting in a fire that spread rapidly. The lawsuit also alleges negligence because of the “dry annual grasses and scattered brush, which created a receptive bed of flammable vegetation.” Cal Fire is suing to cover the costs of fighting the fire, and Vice reports that it has attempted to recoup the money directly from In-N-Out, but with no success — hence the lawsuit.

The property reportedly has three houses on it, and is valued at just under $3.7 million. In-N-Out’s uses for it are unknown.

And in other news...

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  • McDonald’s has to pay out $26 million in California over an array of labor issues, including restricting employees’ breaks and making them launder their own uniforms. [Reuters]
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