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11 Food-Related Gifts I Have My Eye On

From the Editor: Everything you missed in food news last week

A stack of chocolate and caramel cookies coated in white chocolate
Peppermint snap cookies from Milk Bar
Milk Bar

This post originally appeared on November 23, 2019, in Amanda Kludt’s newsletter “From the Editor,” a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now.

I’m going to be off for what I feel like is the true start of the holiday shopping season: Black Friday. So I present to you, one week early, my personal holiday gift guide. It contains no discounts, no cookbooks, and a $50 pineapple. Enjoy.

Things to consume

Two bottles that look like red wine, with flower-filled labels
Proteau, a zero proof apertif

Worth-it splurges:

- $60 (plus shipping!) is kind of a stupid price to pay for pastry, and I’m not sure I love anyone enough to do it, but this kouign amann from Manresa is one of the best things I’ve ever had.

- The omakase strawberry better get in line because I’m already smitten with the original luxury fruit, the Maui Gold Pineapple. There’s nothing as delightful as getting a duo of these on your front porch in the middle of December.

- $70 (includes shipping!) for two bottles of a non-alc apertif from bartending genius John deBary? More than you’re used to paying for a zero proof drink, perhaps, but it is quite the thoughtful gift for your sober-curious or definitely-pregnant friends and lovers.

Affordable delights:

- The guy behind a New York bing chain Mr. Bing came to an Eater event, hunted me down, handed me a jar, and demanded I try his chili crisp. Unusual marketing practice but it got him a customer. I now put it on every damn thing I make and am treating it as my go-to stocking stuffer.

- Milk Bar’s peppermint pretzel snap cookies are only appropriate for your friends with outrageous tastes in sweets. They are my personal kryptonite but I bet 75% of people will find them over-the-top indulgent.

Things to read

A cartoon magazine cover depicting a crustacean holding a bottle of Montrachet wine
Noble Rot
Noble Rot

- Never the wrong move: a subscription to cool food-and-wine-focused indie mags. My faves are Jarry and UK-based Noble Rot.

- Or just get an actual book like restaurant-adjacent Arbitrary Stupid Goal.

Things for your baker friends

A black duffel bag that holds casserole dishes
No more carrying my pies on a piece of cardboard covered with a paper bag
Food 52

- I have no idea if this casserole carrier is any good, but I’m getting it for myself for this holiday season.

- This spatula is going in my stocking and my mom’s stocking.

- And I haven’t baked with the new Great Jones “Holy sheet” sheet pan but I held it and looked upon it this week and have decided to buy it for myself to cheer up my kitchen. (Feel free to email me in a month to see how it is.)

Bonus baby pants

- I’m trying to be the person who invests in higher-quality clothing but can’t bring myself to do it for kids. Thus: fruit pants for my babes.

If you have food-focused gifts in mind for you and yours, please share them with me. I’m always looking for more ideas.

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