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Drake’s Toronto Restaurant Pick 6ix Closes After Failing to Pay Rent

Plus, a study suggests Americans aren’t washing their hands enough while cooking, and other news

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Millionaire rapper forgets how to write rent check

Rapper and famous Canadian Drake has closed down his restaurant Pick 6ix, a year and a half after it opened (and drew bad reviews in the process). Well, technically speaking, Drake didn’t close the restaurant, but his landlord did: the blingy sports bar was $67,000 behind on its rent, and its lease was terminated as a result.

It seems that the restaurant is trying to window-dress the situation, as an Instagram post from just three days ago said that the restaurant had closed until further notice due to flooding. But, the Toronto Star reports that the notice of lease termination was put up at the restaurant before the news of flooding went on Instagram. The restaurant’s voicemail also claims it will reopen in early 2020, but that’s going to be a tall order without a tangible, physical space to occupy. This is the second time that Drake, worth some $150 million, has closed down a restaurant — his previous venture, Frings, closed for no particular reason in 2018.

Wash your hands, not your turkey

A new study suggests that one-quarter of Americans are grody humans who handle meat in unsanitary ways, basically inviting food poisoning into their flesh vessels. The Water Quality and Health Council conducted a survey around kitchen hygiene practices, and the results are that y’all are clueless. 26 percent of the respondents said they didn’t wash their hands while cooking, only before or after — something that can lead to cross-contamination between food. But one thing plenty of Americans are washing is their turkeys (not a euphemism): 62 percent rinse raw turkey in their sinks, even though it can splatter biological matter as far as three feet away.

On top of that, a little over half of the respondents didn’t know that you should store turkey and other meat at the bottom of your refrigerator (so that any juices coming out of the bird don’t drip onto your soda or other fridge-things). Oh, and about one-quarter said they left their turkey out for three hours or more after cooking, even though bacteria starts to proliferate on it after about two hours. Enjoy your turkey with a side of salmonella!

And in other news...

  • Edible Arrangements is leaning into the “edible” part of its name with CBD treats. [NY Post]
  • How much will the Thanksgiving meal cost you this year? One survey says $49, the other says $227, so really, it’s up to you. [Food + Wine]
  • Amazon is planning to give more of your jobs to robots, as it wants to open up a bunch of cashier-less grocery stores, following the model it has trialled in Seattle. [Bloomberg]
  • Berkeley, California has banned natural gas in many new buildings, and the California Restaurant Association is lawyering up against the city. [SF Chronicle]
  • Slather your steak in mayo: no, really! [Mel]
  • A lawsuit against Chipotle from a California student who alleges she got food poisoning from a chicken bowl has been reinstated. [Bloomberg Law]
  • Nice one, Miss Universes Vietnam. [Twitter]

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