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Taco Bell Is Trying to Come for Popeyes With Its Own Fried Chicken

Plus, D.C. is suing DoorDash, and more news to start your day

A white hand holding a taco filled with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a fried chicken strip Taco Bell

Don’t let the sandwiches have all the fun

In the midst of the fried chicken sandwich-ssance, the non-sandwich based fast-food chains may be feeling left out. Pity (or don’t) the Chipotle and the Pizza Hut, whose offerings are overshadowed by the chicken discourse. So in an attempt to get in on it, Taco Bell is introducing Crispy Tortilla Chicken, which is chicken marinaded in buttermilk and jalapeno and rolled in a tortilla chip coating before being fried. A new contender has appeared!

Taco Bell is testing the chicken, which will be available both as strips and in a taco, in Houston, TX and Dayton, OH. This isn’t the first time Taco Bell has featured fried chicken on its menu (ooh the Naked Chicken Chalupa), but the new addition will propel the chain into the now-booming fast food fried chicken sandwich market. Which raises the question: how long with the fried chicken trend last? It’s probably not going anywhere for a while, but nothing gold(en fried) can stay.

And in other news...

  • The D.C. attorney general is suing DoorDash over its “deceptive” tipping model, claiming the company pocketed millions in tips meant for drivers. The model, which DoorDash says it changed, used tips to offset deliverers’ guaranteed minimum rate. [CNBC]
  • There’s a petition asking TripAdvisor to require proof of purchase from users before allowing them to post a review, in order to stave off false bad reviews written by competition. [Twitter]
  • Multiple chain restaurants are being sued by the ADA for not providing gift cards in braille. [Restaurant Business]
  • Will indoor farming solve climate change and mass hunger? Maybe, maybe not. [WaPo]
  • The inventor of a cocktail made with mummified human toes (???) died, and left his toes to be used in future drinks (!!!!!!!!!) [Vice]
  • New Belgium Brewing, Colorado’s largest craft brewer, sold to an international conglomerate. [Denver Post]
  • Snopes fact checked that Chick-fil-A policy about anti-LGBTQ charities. Results are mixed. [Snopes]
  • We are all this reporter frantically chugging her coffee at the impeachment hearings. [NY Post]
  • I love political action

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