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Taco Bell Wants You to Puree Tacos to Make a Thanksgiving Bisque

Plus, GrubHub is partnering with Shake Shack for delivery, and more news to start your day

A bowl of orange bisque with two rolled tacos next to it on a plate Taco Bell

Clap your hands if you believe tacos are just pre-bisque!

According to the company’s internal blog, Taco Bell employees throw an annual Friendsgiving in which they’re encouraged to create new dishes out of what’s already on the Taco Bell menu. Previous innovations have included Nacho Fries Au Gratin, Mexican Rice Arancini, a compound butter flavored with their hot-sauce packs. But this year’s addition—Rolled Chicken Tacos Bisque—perhaps wins for having the most “fuck it” attitude toward home cooking. The recipe calls for simmering tomatoes and seasonings in chicken broth, then adding chopped chicken tacos and blending everything together until you get a hot taco slop that you serve in a bowl with a sprinkling of cilantro. “Use remaining Rolled Chicken Tacos to dip if you please.”

Okay, the problem is that there is no problem. Adding bread or another starchy thickener to soup is a common step, and plenty of recipes suggest slightly unconventional ingredients. Even Alton Brown thickened his chili with tortilla chips. Learning one can make soup out of tacos is like looking at the first picture of Earth taken by the Voyager and realizing that the universe is big, and anything we do here is arbitrary. We stared into the void, and the void hurled Rolled Chicken Tacos Bisque at us before revving its motorcycle engine and peeling away. Happy Friendsgiving, stuff your Turkey with an Arby’s sandwich or whatever.

And in other news...

  • A trans woman who used to work as a cashier at Dunkin’ Donuts is suing the company, alleging managers harassed and misgendered her, allowed customers to harass and threaten her, and then fired her when she complained. [CNN]
  • This is a wild story about three judges who got into a fight in a White Castle parking lot, resulting in two of them being shot. [NPR]
  • China lifts a ban on U.S. chicken imports, originally imposed after an outbreak of bird flu in 2015. [WSJ]
  • After just one year, the revived Playboy Club in New York City is shutting down. Sources told the New York Post it was partially because companies are no longer willing to reimburse business dinners and drinks from a club with such a sexist legacy. [NY Post]
  • A Bay Area company is making “air-based meat,” by feeding “molecules in the air to microorganisms, which convert the carbon dioxide into protein.” Brb going back to 10th grade chemistry to figure this out. [SF Chronicle]
  • The vast majority of the market for “fake meat” are meat eaters, since vegetarians and vegans had already figured out how to feed themselves long before this technology came along. [NBC News]
  • To that end, Quiznos is testing plant-based corned beef. [FBN]
  • Shake Shack has exclusively partnered with GrubHub in order to launch delivery. At least Shake Shack gave its permission. [FBN]
  • A school in Minnesota threw away 40 students’ hot lunches over $15 in lunch debt. [CNN]
  • Mars is launching a vegan version of its Galaxy Bar, which is typically made with milk chocolate. [CNN]
  • Kate Hudson is the latest celebrity to launch her own liquor brand (she’s doing vodka). [The Cut]

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