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Netflix’s New Cooking Show Will Feature Carla Hall and an Edible Set

Plus, the world’s largest Starbucks opens, and more news to start your day

Carla Hall, Heston Blumenthal, Jayde Adams, and Niklas Ekstedt (left to right) on the Crazy Delicious set
Channel 4/Official

Another Nailed It-style “fun” food show

Netflix’s next culinary competition is set to feature Carla Hall, Heston Blumenthal, and an entirely edible set. Named Crazy Delicious, each episode will challenge three cooks to devise some kind of feast — and as the “crazy” descriptor suggests (along with the presence of weird creation expert and sexist remark-maker Blumenthal), they’re encouraged to cook wildly elaborate dishes with a focus on presentation.

There’s definitely some Nailed It! vibes emanating from the show — but while coverage of the show suggests that contestants will be home cooks, they won’t be amateurs, given the way Blumenthal has described the cooks as “fearless”. But it seems to be loosely in the same lighthearted vein as Nailed It!, complete with a British comedian, Jayde Adams, as host. On top of that, the judges are deemed “Gods of Food”, and will sit “amongst the clouds”, awarding a golden apple to the best cook each week. Then there’s the aggressively whimsical ripped-straight-out-of-Willy Wonka, all-edible set for the show, comprised of “edible blossom, chocolate soil, and a drinkable babbling brook”, another notch in the “fun food show” belt.

In addition to Hall and Blumenthal, Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt will serve as a judge, suggesting that it’ll take a fairly international focus — or maybe it’ll skew British, since Netflix is producing it in tandem with British network Channel 4. Expect a short six-episode run sometime in 2020.

And in other news....

  • WABE, the Atlanta affiliate of NPR, did a short profile of Lorna Heid, owner of RUMC Coffee House, a cafe with two locations staffed with employees with mental disabilities. [WABE]
  • Starbucks, but make it huge. [QSR Magazine]
  • Two European conglomerates were fighting over British delivery service Just Eat, and I haven’t been this on the edge of my seat since watching Dunkirk. [Axios]
  • Plastic waste from American households is being used in tofu production in Indonesia, and unsurprisingly, the results are toxic. [NYT]
  • Scientists at Duke found there’s been a major change in the ratio of carbon isotopes in Tuna, reflecting “more fossil fuel carbon capture by the oceans and possible stratification of ocean layers, which is driven by warming.” Hey tunas in climate change denial? Believe it now??? [Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke]
  • Representatives from 23 cities across the U.S. gathered in Denver to discuss and learn about food waste solutions. [NRDC]
  • This just in: Tryptophan in turkey might not make you tired after all. Thanksgiving naps, however, are still good. [Mental Floss]