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What Goes Into the Meatless Burger at Impossible Foods

Cult Following goes deep on the popular plant-based patty

It seems like 2019 was the year that plant-based food finally took off. Whether it was health fanatics, climate activists, vegans, or just people being more open to the idea of it; it’s hard to go to a restaurant these days without either seeing plant-based meat or hearing someone talk about it. The kicker is that the movement came in the shape of something that everyone is already used to: a burger.

In October of this year Impossible Foods finally released its line of plant-based ground meat in grocery stores across America; and just pulled off a huge deal with Burger King to start using the Impossible product in the world-famous Whopper. On this episode of Cult Following, host Daniel Geneen takes a tour of the Impossible headquarters to learn about what goes into the making of the meatless Impossible Burger, and to learn more about the popularity of plant-based meat. Although industrial agriculture and specifically soy production is not great for the planet, it’s significantly better than what industrial meat is doing to climate change.

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