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At Least 250 People Lost Their Drivers’ Licenses at Oktoberfest Because of Drunken Scooter Riding

Plus, McDonald’s knows you don’t care about “health,” and more news to start your day

Two nearly empty steins of beer on a picnic table on a sunny day Flickr/Marco Verch
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It’s dangerous, but “drunk scooting” is a hilarious phrase.

E-scooters were legalized in Germany just this June, and under local laws, they’re categorized as motorized vehicles. Meaning the laws that apply to cars apply to scooters. Meaning no, you cannot pound five liters of Hofbraü and scoot your way home lest you hurt yourself, hurt someone else, or — among the better case scenarios — get a ticket.

Approximately 414 Germans and tourists were caught drunk scooting during this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich, and 254 people lost their licenses because of it. (However, 254 is paltry compared to the 6.3 million people who attended the festival.) Overall, on-the-ground reporters have painted a scene e-scooter of chaos, with drunk Oktoberfest patrons abandoning two-wheel rides all over the city. But, now that e-scooters are becoming more common in big cities, remember to Just Say No to scooting under the influence. You might get a ScootUI. You’ll be thrown in the Scoot Tank! Ok, I’m done now. Seriously, you could hurt yourself.

An in other news...

  • McDonald’s confirms what other anecdotes have already proven—customers care more about taste than about health or environmental impact. [WSJ]
  • Domino’s changed its financial outlook because of increased competition from third-party delivery apps. [NY Post]
  • Carl’s Jr. is introducing its second Beyond Meat burger, the Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger, due to high demand of their first Beyond Meat option. [NRN]
  • Jimmy John’s is selling $3 Little John sandwiches, which are smaller versions of their classic sandwiches. The sandwiches are being promoted by Lil Jon. [The Takeout]
  • We just grew meat in space. What a sentence. [CNN]
  • Teens are very into Lays chips and Takis, though they also say they’re not loyal to specific brands. [Insider]
  • Bong Joon-ho on class warfare, but also on how to make that noodle dish in Parasite. [GQ]
  • King Arthur just announced a flour recall because of E.Coli. [Food Network]
  • Katz’s Deli in New York frequently has to replace their counters, and they’ve made cutting boards out of old stock. [NY Times]
  • There are no laws when you’re dressed as sexy White Claw. [Vice]