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The Glenlivet Scotch Pod Is Essentially Gushers for Grownups

Plus, a flight was grounded because of durian in the cargo, and more news to start your day

Three clear pouches of whiskey on a slab that says “The Glenlivet” The Glenlivet
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Shots of the future?

Move over, Tide Pods, there’s a new child safety threat in town. Over the weekend, the Glenlivet introduced its “Capsule Collection,” in which shots of whisky cocktails are encased in a dissolvable, seaweed-based skin that you just pop in your mouth. Alcohol poisoning without even having to dirty a glass! [Wipes tear] this is the future the Jetsons wanted.

The reception to the idea has been varied, to say the least. Many disability activists pointed out that, for those who have a difficult time picking up glasses and opening bottles, this is a way for more people to enjoy a stiff drink. But others say shooting something like a fine whisky is not the proper way to enjoy it, and that these servings are too big for your average human mouth (please look at the way the blonde girl in the video’s cheeks have to expand to accommodate it). Is this the future of alcohol? Don’t act like you didn’t dream of alcoholic Gushers when you were a kid.

And in other news...

  • Durian was determined to be the cause of a September 17th Air Canada flight being grounded. The flight was en route to Vancouver from Montreal, when, shortly after takeoff, the crew noticed a “strong odor,” and were forced to wear oxygen masks as they searched for its origin. Eventually, it was so unbearable that the pilot turned the flight around. [Flight Global]
  • A Napa winemaker received the longest sentence so far for the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal. Agustin Huneeus Jr. was sentenced to five months in prison for conspiracy to commit fraud. [CNN]
  • Corona is launching a hard seltzer, which will come in tropical lime, mango, blackberry, and cherry flavors. [Beverage Daily]
  • John Stamos will play crab-hungry Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid Live! [Jezebel]
  • International food importers are stocking up on European goods before those new tariffs take hold. [CNBC]
  • We are wildly overfishing tuna, according to a new study in Fisheries Research. Our tuna fishing has increased 1,000 percent in 60 years, which you may have guessed is extremely unsustainable. [NPR]
  • Explaining the backlash to fake meat, which includes concerns about ingredient sourcing and processing. [Vox]

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