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McDonald’s McRib Is Back and Ready to Ruin You This Fall

Plus, dinosaur meat probably tasted like hawk, and more news to start your day

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A McDonald’s McRib sandwich sitting atop a McDonald’s box it is served in.
McRib season is here.
Photo: Robson90 / Shutterstock

The McRib is back and ready to ruin you

There are few things certain in life — death, taxes, whatever — but all of the U.S. can at least rest secure in the knowledge that the McDonald’s McRib is lurking out there, just waiting to sporadically resurface and lead its cult followers on a frenzied chase for rubbery, barbecue sauce-slathered, pork patty sandwiches before the corporate gods snatch them away once more.

This year, McDonald’s announced on Thursday, the McRib is returning on October 7 in more than 10,000 U.S. restaurants. This is one of the biggest rollouts of the McRib — which first appeared on McDonald’s menu in 1981 — in recent years, as Business Insider points out. The McRib, essentially the PSL of meat sandwiches, inspires a sort of well-practiced devotion that seems almost quaint in the age of disruptive Popeyes sandwich mania and stoner-grade Cheetos mozzarella sticks: fans regularly contribute to McRib Locator, a crowdsourced tracker of the elusive sandwich.

To find the nearest McDonald’s selling the McRib, here’s the chain’s official tracker. Happy hunting, you sick freak.

And in other news…

  • Texans are feeling a way about the new Chicago owners of Whataburger. [Bloomberg]
  • T. rex meat may have tasted like hawk or other birds of prey. [CNN]
  • A U.K.-based craft beer and pub chain is attracting heat for its new hybrid burger that’s half real beef, half Beyond Meat fake beef. [The Independent]
  • “Cooking in restaurants taught me what workplace harassment is.” [Food52]
  • Wendy’s released a tabletop fantasy role-playing game called “Feast of Legends.” [Nerdist]
  • You can now pay for 1,000 Airbnb “animal experiences,” like having tea with a “naughty” sheep and walking a pig on a leash. [NY Post]
  • Here’s a video of Taylor Swift weeping over a banana in a post-surgery haze, recorded by her mom. [People]

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