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Popeyes’s Sandwich Will Reportedly Return to 150 Locations in November

Plus, J. Lo and A-Rod donated food to feed elementary students, and more news to start your day

Fried chicken sandwich on a bun, sitting atop a wrapper.
Popeyes’ chicken sandwich was the breakout star of the summer.
Photo: Popeye’s

The Sandwich will apparently make its long-awaited return in November

Popeyes Sandwich Mania, that short-lived summer period of mass delirium in which it seems like half the country put their lives on hold for an admittedly tasty fried chicken sandwich, will be revived for the fall. About 150 Popeyes locations operated by franchisee Sun Holdings Inc. will offer the fabled sandwich beginning in early November, Bloomberg’s Leslie Patton reports. But first, CEO Guillermo Perales told Bloomberg, the restaurants are hiring an additional 400 employees to handle the demand, and may dedicate up to two people per store just to make the star menu item.

The Sandwich, as it came to be referred to at the time, became a genuine cultural phenomenon this August thanks to the power of memes and social media fanfare (especially among Black Twitter, in the early days of the rollout), a Twitter spat between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, and all the accompanying media coverage. But Popeyes restaurants weren’t prepared for the level of hype, as customers reported shortages and employees described chaos, stress, and threats from angry customers.

“The first time they weren’t ready,” Perales told Bloomberg. This time, it sounds like they will be.

And in other news…

  • Hundreds of teenage McDonald’s workers are embracing TikTok as a platform to show what their jobs are actually like. [BuzzFeed News]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez made a donation to cover a year’s worth of meals and food at an elementary school in Tennessee. [CNN]
  • A new line of pods means you can now brew cannabis-infused coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in your Keurig. [The Takeout]
  • An interview with Liu Shichao, the Chinese Cool Guy whose videos of himself downing copious amounts of alcohol have made him a king among social media followers. [Deadspin]
  • Cookbook author Alison Roman went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to make a rib roast and sip martinis. [YouTube]

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