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This Halloween, Look to ‘The Great British Baking Show’ for Evenly Baked Costume Ideas

From the frosted hair of Paul Hollywood to the goth regalia of Noel Fielding, everyone’s favorite British baking show is rife with Halloween inspiration

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Paul Hollywood, Sandi Toksvig, Noel Fielding, and Prue Leith stand in front of a table filled with pastries holding up cupcakes with cherries on top. Channel 4/Facebook
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With Goth baker Helena Garcia out of the tent, only co-host Noel Fielding remains to bring the spooky season vibe to the Great British Baking Show. So why not give the show and the holiday an assist with a GGBS/GBBO Halloween costume of your own?

Take on the alter ego of Prue Leith with a primary color getup, statement specs, and a wacky matching necklace. Team up with a partner and transform into goofy duo Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding with fun patterned jumpers. Raid your closet for a blue button up shirt and become Paul Hollywood, the harshest judge at the Halloween party who gives out handshakes only to those with the best outfits. OR if you’re still reeling from the judge/host shakeup several years ago, make a statement as Zombie Sue, Zombie Mel, or Zombie Mary Berry and demonstrate that while gone, they will NOT be forgotten.

This year, embrace the Great British Baking Show style for a DIY costume. Here’s some suggestions to get you started.

A photo of Prue Leith with short hair, rainbow glasses, a yellow coat, and a colorful scarf next to images of a yellow jacket, a red tunic, a pair of blue glasses, and a colorful statement necklace. Simone Padovani/Awakening/Getty Images/ Hautelook/Zenni/Lottieoflondon/Nordstrom

Prue Leith costume

Recipe: The key here is to channel a Mondrian painting. Depending on what kind of hair you have, you’ll maybe need a gray wig or gray hair paint, and a pair of square-rimmed glasses in either bright red, electric blue, or rainbow is a must. Throw on a bright blue, red, or yellow top or a solid-bright colored jacket over a color-blocked tunic. From there, layer on a whimsical piece of chunky statement jewelry and a drop a long colorful scarf around your shoulders. Wear black slacks and matching, bold-colored slip-on shoes.

Partner Costume: Paul Hollywood (bonus: you can split the cost of hair paint)

Paul Hollywood in a black button down shirt and jeans stands in a photo next to images of a pink button down, a pair of dark wash jeans, and a gray costume beard. Mark Bourdillion/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Belk/Amazon/Old Navy

Paul Hollywood costume

Recipe: Try to look as icy and withholding as you can and practice your furrowed brow look. Wear a button-up in a solid color such as blue, olive green, black, or light pink. Remember to roll up the sleeves to mid-forearm. Leave the top two buttons on the shirt unfastened. Put on some dark blue jeans in a relaxed fit. Point at various objects at the party and say they are either “underpoofed” or “overworked.” Avoid all things matcha flavored. Maybe carry around a loaf of bread.

Partner Costume: Prue Leith or Mary Berry

Sandi wears a black printed button down while standing next to Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith during the cake episode of GBBS. Netflix/Amazon/Yoins/Adidas

Sandi Toksvig costume

Recipe: Start with a blonde wig, black relaxed fit jeans, and white sensible sneakers. Choose a long-sleeve knit sweater with a simple design (think: rainbow stripes or hearts) layered over a collared blouse. Alternatively, go for the untucked button-up blouse with a bold print (think cherries or rabbits) or one in a bright, solid color such as red. Get really good at trivia.

Partner Costume: Noel Fielding

Paul wearing a blue coat stands next to Prue wearing a different color of the same bright red patterned shirt with cheetah print pocket as Sandi and Noel. Netflix/Dresslily/Amazon/Asos/DSTLD

Noel Fielding costume

Recipe: The cup truly runneth over when it comes to all the ways you can dress like Noel. Pick out a shaggy black wig, some Beatle boots (glitter or leopard print optional), and a pair of very tight skinny jeans. Add to that the very loudest jumper you can find: clashing patterns, cheetah print, cartoon characters, and birds are all game. Apply lots of black eyeliner. Load up on goth jokes and do not skimp on macabre whimsy.

Partner Costume: Sandi Toksvig

Mary Berry in a pink jacket with a neck scarf smiles at an event with sheep next to images of a striped shirt, a pink blazer, a blue sweater set, and four neck scarves Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images/Pinspark/Jurxy/Averill’s Sharper Uniforms/LL Bean

Mary Berry costume

Recipe: Wear dark colored trouser jeans with a thin belt. For a top, go for a matching sweater set in a pastel shade or a bright pink collarless blazer with a striped cotton shirt. Maybe tie a silk scarf around your neck if your feeling sassy or pair the outfit with a refined set of pearls. Put on some ballet flats. Talk a lot about soggy bottoms.

Partner Costume: Paul Hollywood Trio Costume: Go as a throuple of departed cast members with Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins

Sue stands next to Mel who’s wearing a blue and white striped shirt with a bright pink blazer and trousers. The photo is arranged next to images of a striped shirt, a pair of pleated trousers, a pink blazer, and silver oxfords Netflix/Lee/Wanted/Walmart/Jessica CC

Mel Giedroyc costume

Recipe: Put on a pair of pleated slacks in a dark color. Wear a bold striped shirt with a hot pink or electric yellow blazer. Accessorize with a simple gold wrist watch and either oxfords or loafers.

Partner Costume: Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins stands next to Mel wearing glasses, a bright pink button down, jeans, and a blue blazer. The photo is next to images of brown oxfords, a blue blazer, a blue button down, and black framed glasses. Netflix/Modcloth/EyeBuyDirect/Beyove/Lands’ End

Sue Perkins costume

Recipe: Wear thick, square-rimmed, black glasses with a thin silver chain necklace. Your uniform includes a fitted navy blue blazer, a bright colored button up with a straight point collar, and tan oxfords. Match the outfit with a pair of blue trousers or distressed, loose fit jeans. Be prepared for a lot of people to compliment your Rachel Maddow costume. Ideally, your Mel will be there for support.

Partner Costume: Mel Giedroyc

For more ideas:

Accent your costume by dressing your pet as a pastry or a cake. Bonus points if you go for the less obvious fauna outside the walls of the tent: squirrels, sheep, and pheasants.