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Watch Stephen Colbert Explain the Government Shutdown With Beer

An all-nude restaurant in Paris closes, and more food news to start your day

Colbert’s beer-filled Trump rant

As the government shutdown lurches into its third week, Stephen Colbert decided it was time to explain the impact of this decision by President Donald Trump, with the help of some beer.

In a new clip from the Late Show, Colbert notes that the shutdown could impact craft brewers across the country, who can’t get approval for new beer labels. This breakdown of protocol could mean that some brewers might be forced to dump their beer. “That’s a nightmare — that means you actually might have to try your brother-in-law’s home brew,” Colbert quips. Riffing on the idea that small breweries might feel the pinch, the late night host launches into a rant about the absurd nature of the shutdown, using various beer bottles to punctuate his argument.

YouTube/The Late Show

“It’s been almost three weeks and I Amstel pissed about it,” Colbert says, holding a bottle of Amstel Light. “The whole time, Trump’s head has been up his own heiny,” the host jokes, revealing a bottle of Heineken. After pulling a dozen or so more bottles from his desk, Colbert ends his rant by saying, “Now of Coors, there’s Stella chance that we can turn this around, because I have a feeling that pretty soon it’s going to be Mueller time.”

Watch the entire segment from last night’s show in the clip above.

And in other news...

  • A nudist restaurant in Paris closed because business was so slow. [Yahoo]
  • Brett Anderson surveys the current state of the New Orleans gumbo scene for the New York Times, offering a list of 12 new and old-school bowls to try. [NYT]
  • Alice Waters prepared a special inauguration dinner in Sacramento last night for Governor Gavin Newsom. [Instagram]
  • Japan has lifted its two-decade ban on importing British beef. [Bloomberg]
  • Domino’s is expanding its beer delivery business this year, with a rollout of brew-on-demand service coming to 300 new markets before Super Bowl sunday next month.[Skift Table]
  • The PSL is gone, but the CSL — a “cinnamon shortbread latte” — is now available at Starbucks locations across the country. [Bustle]
  • A dumpling order nearly derailed Martin Scorsese’s carefully-timed exit at an event at Tao Downtown in Manhattan this week. [Page Six]
  • And finally, here’s a dose of Wednesday weirdness: Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg performing a parody of “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” that involves references to an all-cake restaurant called CakeDonald’s:

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