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Watch: This New York Omakase Menu Is Devoted to Serving Bluefin Tuna

Thanks to his own fish farm, chef Kuniaki Yoshizawa serves an accessible omakase

“For those who have not yet eaten sushi before, we wanted to offer cheaper options so more people can eat and enjoy,” says chef Kuniaki Yoshizawa of the philosophy behind his New York City restaurant, Wokuni. The reason for Wokuni’s affordable sushi prices — $75 for signature omakase and $95 for premium — is because the restaurant has its own tuna farm in Nagasaki, Japan as well as a distribution center. “We don’t go through intermediaries,” explains Yoshizawa.

It’s all part of Yoshizawa’s desire to create an omakase menu that only features dishes composed of bluefin tuna — notably one of the most expensive and popular fish on the global fish market. Twice a week the team at Wokuni receive tuna that has been flown in from their farm, and Yoshizawa is intent on using every last piece of the fish.

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