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Zoë Kravitz Makes a Bunch of Noises in ASMR-Style Michelob Super Bowl Commercial

She’s in the rainforest with microphones and a bottle of beer

In an attempt to cash in on the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) craze that’s sweeping YouTube right now, Michelob Ultra Pure Gold decided to film Big Little Lies star Zoë Kravitz making various whooshing and tapping sounds with a beer bottle in the rainforest.

The ad begins with a montage of nature footage and settles on Kravitz, who is sitting at a table with two microphones near a massive waterfall. “Let’s all experience something together,” she whispers. The actress then taps her nails across the neck of the bottle. “This place, so pure you can feel it,” she says. “This beer, so pure you can taste it.” Kravitz pours the beer into a Michelob-branded glass and holds it up to the mic to record the fizzing sound. The commercial ends with Kravitz saying the tagline, “Beer, in its organic form.”

Your enjoyment of this commercial might depend on whether or not you like ASMR videos. Kravitz, for her part, did a bit of research on the trend before shooting the ad. “Even if I didn’t experience that tingly sensation, it always captured my attention in a way that I found really calming,” the actress told Pop Sugar recently. “When something can actually fully grab your attention, you’re not thinking about the millions of thoughts that are constantly running through your head.”

Michelob is also running a second commercial during the big game. This one doesn’t have a celebrity star, but it does feature fitness-crazed robots who sadly can’t drink beer like their human counterparts at the end of the day:

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