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Watch: Stopping for Sushi in Portugal’s Colorful Coastal Town, Aveiro

The Harris family fuels a beach day with sushi, crepes, and pressed sandwiches

Welcome back to Travel, Eat, Repeat, Eater’s new series produced, edited, and hosted by filmmaker and vlogger Iz Harris. Harris and her family are following a tip on where to find Portugal’s best sushi all the way to Aveiro — a small city off the west coast of Portugal, distinguished by its canals and moliceiros, the colorful boats that ride along them.

Taking a break from traditional Portuguese cuisine, the Harris family dines at Subenshi Sushi for their one dinner in town; the restaurant is known for nontraditional takes on sushi made with fresh-caught seafood. A meal of fresh rolls dotted with mango and strawberry, and miso soups for the table, ends up being the ideal way to end a day spent in Aveiro and its Costa Nova beach, where the picturesque homes mirror the city’s colorful boats.

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