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Step Aside Pizza Rat, Egg Roll Squirrel Has Arrived

Brands embrace Bird Box memes, and more news to start your day

Egg Roll Squirrel is the new Pizza Rat

New year, new hungry rodent mascot: Behold this video of a chubby squirrel chowing down on an egg roll from his perch high in the tree tops. He follows a long line of internet-famous furry food lovers, including Doughnut Raccoon, Pizza Possum, and of course, the OG Pizza Rat.

#Brands can’t resist Bird Box memes

It was only a matter of time until a fast-food chain hopped on the Bird Box meme bandwagon. Enter KFC Singapore:

The only #BirdBox you need. #KFCsg

Posted by KFC on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

And in other news...

• A McDonald’s customer in St. Petersburg, Florida was arrested after assaulting an employee. His beef? A lack of plastic straws in the lobby, the result of a new city law which dictates that restaurants can only hand out straws by request. [WFTS]

• Speaking of McDonald’s, look for donut sticks — fried strips of dough coated in cinnamon sugar — to be added to the breakfast menu in February. [Business Insider]

• A hot new trend amongst diners with plenty of disposable income is meals in extreme locations — like in the middle of a sand bank in the Indian ocean, or on a wooden plank above shark-infested waters. [WSJ]

• Vital royals update: 97-year-old Prince Philip just became the first person to successfully grow black truffles in Britain. [The Times]

• Taco Bell has (briefly) resurrected its famed fried chicken shell taco. [Foodbeast]

• Finally, here’s what it would look like if all the Taco Bells in the Bay Area were connected by a rail line. [Reddit]

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