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Watch Leslie Jones’s Food-Filled Rap About the Upper East Side From ‘SNL’

It’s not a cool neighborhood, per se, but the delivery options can’t be beat

During the middle of last night’s James McAvoy—hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, cast member Leslie Jones took a few minutes to sing the praises of her bougie New York City neighborhood: the Upper East Side.

In the intro to her rap, the comedian notes that she’s “lived in some of the hardest neighborhoods in America,” but now she’s all about “the U.E.S., where the players play” and “white men in khakis line up for Fairway.” Among the neighborhood’s many amenities are escalators that take you down to the subway station, and train cars with that “nobody peed in here” smell. Jones also clearly loves the wide variety of food delivery options. “This ain’t Harlem, y’all, I got Seamless for days, and a cab outside that comes right away,” she raps. “I order what I want — y’all can’t stop me. 2 a.m.? Bring me salmon and broccoli.”

Michael’s bakery has a great rating on Yelp

Jones has a friend in the neighborhood named Michael (played by McAvoy), who she describes as “the German dude who bakes my bread.” This third-generation baker is also a big fan of the local scene.“It’s the U.E.S., and I know what you want,” Michael raps. “Got a line out the door for $10 croissants.”

Before the end of her rap, Jones also throws shout-outs to spend-y local institutions Cafe Carlyle and Daniel. And, in a reflective moment, she notes, “I thought at 50 I’d be broke or dead, but now I’m a lady from Compton in line for fresh bread.”

The U.E.S. [YouTube]