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Watch: The Best Days in Peniche, Portugal End With Giant Seafood Platters

Sandwiches and fresh fish fuel a day trip to the Berlengas Islands

Welcome back to Travel, Eat, Repeat: Eater’s new series produced, edited, and hosted by filmmaker and vlogger Iz Harris. On this episode the Harris family is headed to Peniche — a small city most known for its beautiful long beaches and for being a very popular destination among surfers. After fueling up on pancakes, pressed sandwiches, and other breakfast favorites at Celeiro Cafe — a small cafe in the city center — Harris and her family get ready for a day voyage to the Berlengas Islands, a group of islands and natural reserve just off the coast of Portugal, and only accessible by boat.

The real highlight of any trip to Peniche is the family’s meal at Profresco — a seafood market and sit down restaurant serving only the freshest seafood from all along the coast.

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