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For people who love shopping (almost) as much as they love eating

Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

Eater’s weekly newsletter Add to Cart brings you the biggest shopping stories from Eater and around the internet, plus recommendations for the kitchen tools, restaurant merch, cookbooks, and more to buy right now.

Why shopping? How we eat, from the food we prepare at home to the dishes we order out at restaurants (and then share on our feeds), is not only a matter of sustenance. By shopping thoughtfully, we can fill our homes with items that bring us both utility and joy, and communicate our personal taste as well as our values. And never in the history of the universe have we had more choices.

Add to Cart will help you narrow down those choices and discover the best things to buy, whether it’s line cook-approved knives, a Japanese can opener endorsed by an Eater Young Gun, or an editor-approved ceramic bowl that manages to make the best salad dressing.

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