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Watch: Making Meat Pies That are Both Savory and Sweet

Two butchers find a new way to put their shop’s extra fat to use— by baking with it

One thing about running a whole animal butcher shop is that you end up with a lot of fat, according to butcher shop owners Ben Turley and Brent Young. And one way the duo has heard about putting that fat to use is to use it for baking. Claiming to not know anything about baking however, Turley and Young head to Petee’s Pie in New York to pick owner Petra Peradez’s brain on meat and pies.

Right away Peradez knows she wants to make a Cheshire pork pie — layers of raw pork and apples seasoned with a little nutmeg and white wine — with a lard crust. They also tackle a minced meat pie made made with dried fruit with a suet crust, and a beef pie that has an entire marrow bone in the center.

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