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Domino’s Is Hell-Bent on World Pizza Domination

Plus, a new way to use all those OpenTable points, and more news to start your day

Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Domino’s will cover the earth in pepperoni pizza

Not a fan of Domino’s pizza? Tough, because the delivery chain is plotting world domination: The company says it will open nearly 10,000 new stores over the next six years. “You don’t get to be dominant number one in the world without being dominant in every neighborhood,” CEO Rich Allison said at an investor conference on Thursday. (Does this mean it’s finally time to resurrect the Noid?)

And in other news...

• An ISIS suicide bomber targeted a Syria restaurant that was popular with Americans on Wednesday, killing four U.S. troops. [NY Times]

• OpenTable users can now use their OT points — which have historically been turned into dining certificates for use at any restaurant that uses OpenTable — for discounts on hotels via travel booking site Kayak. [Skift Table]

• NYC legend Prince Street Pizza, purveyor of an airy, crisp-crusted square slice that is the object of obsession for countless pizza lovers (not to mention the subject of a copycat feud and related lawsuit), is now available for shipping nationwide. [Goldbelly]

• A good tip for snagging a table at busy restaurants that don’t take reservations: Arrive 10 minutes before the hour (so 7:50 instead of 8:00) to beat groups that are meeting up on the hour. [Lifehacker]

• Americans drank less alcohol in 2018 for the third year in a row, which is pretty surprising given the current political climate. Must be all those CBD gumdrops. [Bloomberg]

• Cookbooks without photos are actually great, because cooking from them is more about enjoying the process rather than trying to emulate perfection. [WSJ]

• ...But if you just have to know what that coq au vin should look like before you cook it, there’s new AI technology capable of generating images of food just by reading a recipe. [Fast Company]

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