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Poop Emoji Soft-Serve Is All the Rage in Tokyo

FDA inspectors head back to work without pay, and more news to start your day

Poo emoji soft-serve at Sweet XO Good Grief cafe in Tokyo
PR Times

Poop emoji soft-serve is here to haunt your dreams

A cafe in Tokyo’s fashionable Harajuku neighborhood is hawking soft-serve that looks like the poop emoji, complete with googly eyes and a toilet-shaped bowl. Gross? Maybe, but this soft-serve innovation was written in the stars: In case you never noticed, the poop emoji and the ice cream cone emoji are THE SAME DAMN THING. Behold:

And in other news...

• A new study reveals food companies spend way more money targeting black shoppers with junk food ads. [Bloomberg]

• As the government shutdown continues, sending a furloughed federal worker a beer would be a nice thing to do. [The Takeout]

• Speaking of the government shutdown: The FDA will resume inspections on some high-risk items, like pre-cut produce, as soon as today. (Inspections of meat and poultry never stopped, and those employees are continuing to work without pay.) [Politico]

• MSG is great, actually, and you should be adding it to everything from martinis to broccoli. [Lifehacker]

• Canada Dry got sued for claiming its ginger ale contains “real ginger” when it actually doesn’t. The beverage maker is now removing that claim from its packaging. [Daily Hive]

• Germany is minting currywurst coins to commemorate 70 years of the savory street snack. Reactions to the sausage-adorned currency have been decidedly mixed, though it’s clearly a collector’s item: