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Watch: Can Any of These Four Unitasking Gadgets Outperform a Chef?

Taking on kitchen unitaskers for garlic, corn on the cob, and deveining shrimp

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Making some of our daily routines easier and faster is all that the humble unitasker has ever wanted to do. But as we’ve seen by testing a handful of unitasking gadgets for the kitchen — like one that will make salad chopping easier or one that will fan out avocados — some of them don’t save you time or piece of mind, and they rarely ever save you money.

Up for review on this episode of the Kitchen Gadget Test Show are four handheld gadgets that promise to remove veins from shrimp; peel and chop garlic [and keep your hands from smelling like garlic]; strip a cob of its corn kernels; and perfectly mince fresh herbs. Testing out the usefulness of each is host Esther Choi, who will time her knife skills against each gadget.

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