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‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ Is Leaving Netflix Next Month

Plus, ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is hinting at a possible presidential run, and more food news to end the week

Anthony Bourdain walking through a Berlin square
Anthony Bourdain.
David Scott Holloway/CNN
  • The good news for fans of Parts Unknown is that the show returns for a final season on September 23. The bad news is that the eight seasons currently available on Netflix will leave the streaming platform on October 1. Netflix previously planned to remove Parts Unknown from its library on June 16, but the company put that plan on hold following host Anthony Bourdain’s death on June 8.
  • Good guy Jon Stewart left a $105 tip on a diner breakfast at Junior’s in Times Square this week, according to Page Six. The former Daily Show host reportedly dined on eggs and coffee with retired New York Fire Department Deputy Chief Richard Alles and FealGood Foundation advocate John Feal.
  • The Washington Post has a “food diaries” conversation with hero chef José Andrés. In the video, Andrés discusses the first thing he ate in America, his political aspirations, and what would have happened if he had worked with Donald Trump at the president’s new Washington, D.C., hotel.
  • Coca-Cola’s Japan operation figures the sugary soft drink doesn’t contain quite enough caffeine, and neither does coffee. So, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee will soon be available for consumption in the country, reports Sora News 24.
  • Arby’s has a new celebrity tasked with hawking its meaty sandwiches. H. Jon Benjamin, the starring voice in celebrated animated series such as Archer and Bob’s Burgers, is the new spokesperson for the fast-food chain. The disembodied voice of actor Ving Rhames still proclaims, “we have the meats,” at the end of the new ads.
  • Wine Spectator is suing a marijuana-centric publication for copying its style, reports the New York Post. Weed Spectator has “a copycat 100 point rating system for different types of cannabis,” according to the suit. “This is precisely the same method of tasting and rating scale used by Wine Spectator.” Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?
  • Here is an extremely bougie headline, from USA Today: “Martha Stewart teams up with Las Vegas restaurants for food and wine event.”
  • The new farm bill would result in two million low-income Americans losing benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, according to a study reported on by the New York Times. Of those in jeopardy, 469,000 households would include young children.
  • It seems Lindsay Lohan is transitioning from her career as an actor to being a full-fleged nightclub magnate. Already the owner of a string of clubs in Greece, Lohan is working on a Dubai resort, which, per Page Six, may be called Lindsayland or Lohan Island.
  • Papa John won’t go away. John Schnatter, the disgraced founder and former chief executive officer of his eponymous pizza chain, has filed a lawsuit accusing the company’s new CEO of plotting to remove him, reports Bloomberg.
  • Finally, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is once again hinting at running for president. In a Thursday interview with CBS, Schultz said he’s “thinking about a lot of things” and “perhaps one of them will be public office.”

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