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Watch: How to Craft a Jiggly Giant Soup Dumpling at Home

Cliff takes on an internet favorite: super-sized xiao long bao

We are tackling another social media sensation in this episode of You Can Do This, giving the giant soup dumpling a whirl. Having made dumplings successfully before, I’m inclined to say that I may be able to pull this off.

Still, there is the added challenging of scaling up since I’m more familiar with making dumplings in the traditional size. When thinking about the dough, the thickness has to be thin enough to let heat pass through and cook the raw pork filling, but thick enough where the weight of the filling doesn’t break the dumpling. Also, we’ll have to reconsider cook time in order to strike the balance of cooking the raw ingredients but not over cooking the dough. But the main question I do have for this experiment is whether this trend is just a gimmick, or does it actually taste good?

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