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Watch: Korean, Polish, and African Flavors Come Together at This Montreal Restaurant

At Jiep Jiep, chef Sammy Chan offers dishes from shakshuka to pierogi

Is there any restaurant in the city of Montreal that’s quite like Jiep Jiep? This innovative restaurant — in the Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie neighborhood — is the brainchild of chef Shammy Chan, a Hong Kong native who arrived in Montreal by way of Vancouver. Jiep Jiep doesn’t have a regular menu, or even a definable style of cuisine, though it is primarily Asian — at least for now. This means you’ll find Chinese and Korean dishes on the menu, but you’ll be choosing among dishes like North African shakshuka and Polish pierogi.

Chan doesn’t feel like she should be defined by her nationality, and I find this attitude incredibly refreshing. Why should Anglo chefs be able to seamlessly go in and out of other culture’s cuisines while Asian chefs are expected to cook the cuisines of their home countries? I enjoyed the meal I had at Jiep Jiep, but even more so, I appreciated the new and experimental attitude that Chan is bringing to her restaurant.

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