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Watch: Can These Sausage Experts Pull Off Making Ramen Into Sausage?

The hosts of Prime Time kick off season 3 with a ramen sausage challenge

Prime Time hosts and the Meat Hook owners Ben Turley and Brent Young offer over 80 varieties of house made sausage at their Brooklyn, New York butcher shop. The choices range from the familiar to the pretty obscure; earlier this year the duo even created and offered a sausage that honors the classic bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich found at every New York City bodega.

In the premiere of season 3, Young and Turley are tackling a ramen sausage — a challenge given to them after the BEC episode aired. Our hosts break into two teams, with Young taking sort of a high-brow approach: oyster and shiitake mushrooms; miso and ginger; carrots and soy sauce. On the other end, Turley is using instant noodles, chicken bones, celery, and scallions and onions for his ramen sausage.

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