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‘SNL’ Highlights: Perrier Bottle Kanye and Burger King’s Coffee Stunt

Twitter users had a lot of thoughts about Kanye’s choice of attire


Last night’s SNL season premiere was full of memorable moments — including Matt Damon playing Brett Kavanaugh — but arguably the biggest surprise of the night was Kanye West performing his new song “I Love It” dressed as a giant bottle of Perrier sparkling water. The hip-hop superstar was accompanied by rapper Lil Pump, who dressed as a bottle of Fiji spring water.

These costume choices are presumably a nod to a line in the song where Kanye raps, “When the last time you ask for sparklin’ or still?” Both rappers performed under a giant movie screen showing a reel of actress Adele Givens shaking her head and reacting to messages on a smartphone. The gonzo costume choices are continuing a trend established in the video for “I Love It,” where Kanye and Lil Pump bounce around in cartoonishly large box suits.

Twitter users were understandably confounded by Kanye’s choice of attire during his SNL performance. Here are some of the best reactions:

Later in the evening, Kanye also surprised viewers with a different attire choice: a red “Make America Great Again” hat, which he wore during a surprise performance at the end of the show.

In other SNL news, last night’s premiere also included a funny sketch about a marketing stunt where Brooklyn cafe patrons were unwittingly served Burger King coffee (this is perhaps a riff on the old Folgers hidden camera commercials from the ’80s). Adam Driver and Cecily Strong steal the scene as newlyweds who are enraged by this “burger juice” deception.

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