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Watch: Making Stretchy Middle Eastern Ice Cream At Home

Cliff takes on a sweet treat with a unique texture

The arrival of stretchy, Middle Eastern ice cream to the States is fairly new — but it was enough time for me to decide that I need to recreate it. Also known as booza or dondurma, stretchable ice cream has been achieved for hundreds of years thanks to an ingredient called salep — which we don’t have access to in the United States.

Still, two things come to mind as replacements for salep (an additive that provides the ice cream with the ability to resist melting): guar gum and potatoes. The latter probably makes zero sense to you; but a previous experiment with potatoes and ice cream base left me with relatively strethcy ice cream, so I’m hopeful it will work out again. Essentially, we’re going to try to mimic hundreds of years of tradition with guesswork.

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