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Watch Anthony Bourdain and José Andrés Engage in Extreme Feasting on ‘Parts Unknown’

Plus, Pizza Hut is trying to become an upscale brand in China, and more food news to end the week

Anthony bourdain and jose andres in a clip from parts unknown CNN/Parts Unknown
  • This week’s episode of Parts Unknown features Anthony Bourdain and celebrity-hero chef José Andrés hanging out in Asturias, Spain, Andrés’s homeland. It’s the first episode that will air without narration written and recorded by the late author/TV host. Instead, the episode will rely on Andrés’s voice, and bits of audio that Bourdain recorded for other segments, to do the storytelling. The two eat a lot in this episode, and the clip below depicts just how much feasting two people can do on a trip together. Of a sea urchin dish, Bourdain describes it as “the most incredible thing in human history.” Parts Unknown: Asturias is set to air on CNN this Sunday, September 30, ad 9 p.m. ET/PT.
  • For the New York Times, Besha Rodell explores the origin of one of her favorite Australian delicacies, the salad sandwich. Rodell fears her home country is turning its back on the classic.
  • The New Yorker takes on Queer Eye food expert Antoni Porowski’s new restaurant in the daily shouts section.
  • Funny man Seth Rogen is set to star in a movie about a guy who falls into a vat of pickles and emerges 100 years later in “hipster Brooklyn,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film is reportedly based on a novella published in the New Yorker.
  • The Los Angeles Times has the scoop on a new video game that explores gentrification in L.A. The plot for Donut County involves yuppie raccoons taking over doughnut shops owned by other animals,
  • Danny Meyer has sold nearly all of his Shake Shack stock in recent months, raking in about $10.5 million, reports Press Oracle. What could be going on here?
  • In China, Yum Brands is trying to revitalize Pizza Hut by making it more upscale and “Instagram-worthy,” according to Reuters. Among the changes: fashion designer Anna Sui has created new uniforms for the staff.
  • And, finally, BBC has a fun feature on “the eternal life of the instant noodle.” The story tracks the origins of instant ramen, its highs and lows in popularity throughout the years, and its incredible versatility.