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San Francisco chef Dominique Crenn, who’s featured in Season 2

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A Complete Guide to Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table’

Everything you need to know about David Gelb’s hit documentary series

With sweeping cinematography, dramatic musical cues, and seemingly unlimited access to the world’s fine dining stars, Chef’s Table is Netflix’s most compulsively-watchable food series. Over the last four years, the documentary project from Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb has become so popular that it has inspired numerous knock-offs, and more than a few parodies.

A big draw of the series is that it offers behind-the-scenes glimpses at some of the world’s most sought-after dining experiences. Many of the restaurants featured on the series are prohibitively expensive and/or generally impenetrable to the average diner, so there’s a certain voyeuristic appeal. For fine dining obsessives, Chef’s Table offers valuable insights into the major culinary movements that are blooming around the world. And most episodes of the series also double as travel profiles of the places where the chefs cook and call home.

As the program grew in popularity, Gelb and co. were (rightly) criticized for the show’s lack of diversity, although the latest seasons suggest that the creators of Chef’s Table are widening their scope. In recent years, the series has also increasingly profiled chefs who operate more affordable restaurants than the ones that top the World’s 50 Best list.

Here are guides to all 34 episodes Chef’s Table that have premiered on Netflix so far, with plot summaries and information about the chefs and their restaurants, as well as notable quotes from each chapter. (* denotes an Eater favorite)

Season 1

Massimo Bottura*
Dan Barber
Francis Mallmann
Niki Nakayama*
Ben Shewry
Magnus Nilsson

Season 2

Grant Achatz
Alex Atala
Dominique Crenn*
Enrique Olvera
Ana Roš
Gaggan Anand*

Season 3

Jeong Kwan*
Vladimir Mukhin
Nancy Silverton*
Ivan Orkin
Tim Raue
Virgilio Martinez*

Season 4 (Pastry)

Christina Tosi*
Corrado Assenza*
Jordi Roca
Will Goldfarb

Season 5

Cristina Martinez*
Bo Songvisava
Musa Dağdeviren*
Albert Adrià

Season 6

Mashama Bailey*
Dario Cecchini
Asma Khan*
Sean Brock

Chef’s Table: France

Alain Passard
Alexandre Couillon
Adeline Grattard*
Michel Troisgros

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