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Lady Gaga Charmed Bradley Cooper With Leftover Pasta to Land Her Role in ‘A Star Is Born’

Plus, the plague of needles hidden in strawberries has spread from Australia to New Zealand, and more food news

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
  • How did Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga come to work together on A Star Is Born? Cooper tells Conan O’Brien the two formed an instant bond when Gaga surprised him with homemade pasta the first time they met.
  • The AV Club takes a nostalgic look back at the rise of Martha Stewart Living, the cooking and lifestyle television show that “helped kick off a domestic explosion in the ’90s.”
  • The terrifying outbreak of needles hidden in strawberries that has been plaguing Australia appears to have spread to New Zealand, reports Food Safety News. So far, there have been no reports of illness or injury.
  • Season’s greetings from the International House of Pancakes, which, per Nation’s Restaurant News, is making a pumpkin-pancake beer for bars and restaurants in New York.
  • It looks like the French Laundry, perhaps the greatest example of ’90s fine dining excellence, is trying out a high-low dish based on perhaps the greatest example of ’90s comfort food, the loaded potato.
  • Domestic goddess and good tweeter Chrissy Teigen tells Entertainment Weekly about her new cookbook. Teigen’s daughter Luna is a big fan of the recipe for Thai soy-garlic fried ribs: “The picture in the book where she’s eating one, I think that was her ninth rib or something!”
  • Bolivian wine may soon have its moment in the sun, reports the New York Times. Improving products and low prices are making oenophiles take notice.
  • Here is a roundup of the 15 oldest restaurant chains in the United States. A&W, which is known more for its bottled soft drinks, was founded way back in 1919.
  • Full Frontal host Samantha Bee went on Late Night With Seth Meyers Monday and explained how working as a restaurant server helped her prepare for covering the Donald Trump presidency.
  • Spanish cava has never garnered the same appreciation as its bubbly French cousin, Champagne, but the Wall Street Journal says that should change.
  • Fast Company has a detailed account of how the OXO Swivel, the first ergonomic vegetable peeler, came to be. “I had no clue how rich the history was, including cameos from Monsanto, samurai sword makers, and retail magicians from another era,” writes Mark Wilson.
  • The latest #brand stunt from Domino’s, reported by Restaurant Magazine’s Jonathan Maze: a dinner bell app that rings when the pizza has arrived. “Let’s face it, sometimes yelling at everyone that pizza is here just doesn’t work,” says Domino’s.
  • Blaine Wetzel, James Beard rising star chef and operator of the acclaimed Willows Inn on Lummi Island, Washington, has a new cookbook coming out. A followup to Wetzel’s 2015 release, Sea & Smoke, The Willows Inn will include “more than 100 of the signature dishes served at his restaurant ... with large format photos by Charity Burgraaf and details on the techniques he’s pioneered on this small island in the Pacific Northwest,” according to Publisher’s Marketplace. The book is scheduled for publication in 2020.
  • Finally, in an appearance on The Ellen Show Monday, British heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch detailed the incident wherein he hopped out of a cab and saved a Deliveroo driver from getting mugged. “I literally just got in the way,” Cumberbatch explains. “I also tried to stop traffic so they could witness it and if anything did happen [I wanted to make sure] that there were people there and that they might scare any violence out of the situation.”