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Watch: How Momofuku Makes Roast Duck Ssam

The sausage-stuffed duck ssam is Momofuku’s latest addition to its wrapped offerings

New York City’s Ssam Bar gets its name for the Korean word for enclosed or wrapped, and it didn’t take long for the restaurant to become known for its brisket ssam, its pork shoulder ssam, and seafood ssams. A little more recently, the team — thanks to director of culinary operations, Matthew Rudofker, and executive chef, Max Ng — has been playing with an impressive duck ssam, which Ben Turley and Brent Young are trying out in this episode of Prime Time.

“I think what’s so awesome is it really shows the versatility of a duck,” says Young, who fields questions from customers coming into their butcher shop, the Meat Hook, most of them unsure of how to use a whole duck. For their preparation, Rudofker and Ng stuff the duck with sausage, then dry-age it for seven to 14 days. It’s then roasted, deboned, and served with chive pancakes, sticky rice, and lettuce.

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