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Barbecue Twitter Is Losing Its Collective Mind Over a Vegan ‘Brisket’

Plus, Chipotle is trying to lure millennials with bigger servings of guacamole, and more food news to start the week

Brisket being sliced
Actual smoked brisket, not vegan “brisket.”
Michelle Park

As Biegel explains in the thread, he had some heart problems over a decade ago and has been searching for “alternate forms of BBQ that are more in tune with, you know, staying alive.” The writer spent some of the weekend clapping back at all the haters.

  • In Florida, the Washington Post reports a Taco Bell employee was fired for refusing to serve a customer who did not speak Spanish.
  • Cincinnati-based grocery chain Kroger has announced a partnership with fashion brand Fred Meyer on a new clothing line. The new venture is called Dip, for some reason.
  • Michelin, the organization behind snooty dining guides for cities around the world, has hired a new international director, Gwendal Poullennec, who “will continue to embody the values ​​of generosity, passion and independence, dear to the Michelin Group.”
  • Chipotle figures people can’t get enough guacamole, so the Taco Bell impersonator is now selling 8 ounce servings of the dip. That’s twice as big as Chipotle’s old guac serving size, according to Elite Daily.
  • Actor/former Obama aide Kal Penn is most famous for his co-starring role in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, but because he is a vegetarian, he ate a special veggie burger on set back in 2004, per the Takeout. Thanks to the chain’s new Impossible Burger sliders, Penn can feel free to eat at White Castle with no reservations.
  • And, finally, a new bar in Tokyo is apparently giving the people what they want and pairing cocktails with Kit Kats, according to Sora News 24.

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