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Athlete Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant for Eating All That He Could

A German triathlete inhaled nearly 100 plates of sushi


A German triathlete has been banned from an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Bavaria after eating a little too much — to the tune of nearly 100 plates of food.

German website the Local reports that bodybuilder turned Ironman triathlete Jaroslav Bobrowski paid just 15.90 euros ($18.49) for the bottomless meal at Running Sushi, a restaurant in the city of Landshut. Though he was reportedly a regular, his last meal crossed a line, prompting the restaurant owner to ban him. The owner told a German-language website that Bobrowski ate five people’s worth of food — “not normal,” he said. It didn’t help that the restaurant primarily makes money from alcohol when on all-you-can-eat nights, and the triathlete drank only tea.

Bobrowski apparently follows a strict diet where he fasts for 20 hours per day, then eats his entire allotment of calories within the remaining four hours. Given that stomachs tend to shrink after fasting, it’s an even more notable feat of self-engorgement.

TripAdvisor shows that Running Sushi’s plates seem to contain two or three pieces on average. That’s perhaps three ounces of sushi per plate — if you round up Bobrowski’s intake to an even 100 plates, that means he could have eaten somewhere in the realm of 18 pounds of sushi. Of course, that’s very rough math, and it’s possible Bobrowski overfilled on less dense items, like sashimi. In any case, it seems like he ate several pounds of rice, fish, and nori, before he was asked to leave.

The incident has made Bobrowski a minor viral sensation in Germany; when he went back to the restaurant to apologize, a TV crew was close behind.

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