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Watch: Can You Make Thai Rolled Ice Cream at Home?

We set out to see if you can recreate the cold treat at home without a motor

I’m quickly learning that all those food internet sensations aren’t so hard to recreate after all; so I’m tackling another on this episode: Thai rolled ice cream. Allow me to explain for the uninitiated: an ice cream base is poured over a cold plate, allowed to set, and using what look like putty knives, rolled in to a cylindrical shape. It’s typically plated vertically and topped with various fixings.

In previous iterations of this show we would of haphazardly tried to build an electric cold plate. We’re a little older and wiser now so we are going to try and recreate this with a sheet tray and some dry ice. Still, there are some issues to assess. Will the ice cream stick to the makeshift plate? Will the ice be cold enough? Will it be too cold? Our fight is to recreate the treat without a motor and still get the beloved rolled shaped.

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