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Bowing to Customer Demand, Chipotle Brings Back Its Critically Panned Chorizo

Plus, Subway is getting rid of $5 footlongs, and more food news

A Chipotle chorizo burrito next to a bag of chips and a plastic container of salsa, up against a red backdrop. Chipotle
  • Chipotle is bringing its version of chorizo back for a limited time, reports Nation’s Restaurant News. Despite negative reviews from critics, the burrito chain says chorizo is making a return because customers were disappointed when it disappeared from the menu last year.
  • Reports of foodborne illnesses are becoming more common. It isn’t because food safety is getting worse, according to NPR. It’s because science is better at identifying and tracking these outbreaks.
  • The New York Times interviews the hip wife-and-husband chef team of Genevieve Gergis and Ori Menashe — who operate Los Angeles restaurants Bestia and Bavel — about their culinary traditions for the Jewish high holidays.
  • Salt Bae isn’t going away yet. The celebrity chef who became famous thanks to social media is back with another Instagram stunt. Here he is elaborately preparing a giant cheeseburger — he drizzles melted cheese from a balcony high above the burger — in a video that feels like Mr. Bae’s jumping-the-shark moment.
  • Perhaps it’s time to accept we’re all eating weed killer on the regular. Roughly one month after analysis discovered traces of glyphosate, the Monsanto-produced herbacide that is the main ingredient in Roundup, in oatmeal and breakfast cereals, the product has been discovered in food at Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons. The chain claims that the levels in its food items are low enough to not cause serious harm, according to MTL Blog.
  • A recent viral video captured a Burger King worker napping on a sidewalk during her break, and, per the Takeout, the restaurant’s manager is defending the employee: “She’s a teacher, and she’s trying to pay off her student loans and everything by working several jobs, and this is not the media she needs. … People need to mind their own business and find out the real story before they go posting crap on social media.”
  • With Hurricane Florence closing in on the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic, the Washington Post’s Tim Carman reports hero chef José Andrés is preparing to feed victims through his World Central Kitchen non-profit.