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Watch: What Do Steaks From a 15-Year-Old Cow Taste Like?

The hosts of Prime Time set out to see if a cow’s age affects its taste

“Before 1940, the average age of a harvested animal was 4 to 5 years. Now, it’s 12 to 15 months,” according to Kinderhook Farm farmer Lee Ranney. The Prime Time duo, Ben Turley and Brent Young, meet with Ranney on his farm in Valtie, New York, to compare three different grass-fed cows: 28 months old, 8 years old, and 15 years old.

Typically, Turley and Young receive 28-month-old beef at their New York butcher shop, the Meat Hook, so it’s the first time either of them have tried something with so much age. Of the 8-year-old beef, Turley notes: “That’s the kind of steak [you’re looking for] when you go to a steakhouse and get the 120-day dry-aged steak, but that’s not dry-aged at all.”

“This is just what beef should be,” echoes Young.

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