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Watch: How to Tackle Japanese Omurice at Home

There is more technique involved than you think

When I used to work in an entirely different profession there was a small Japanese cafe down the street from my office that I adored because it made grandmother-style, Japanese cafe food. It’s where I first started eating Japanese omelettes with rice — among other things like Japanese style spaghetti and hamburgers with gravy. I hadn’t thought a whole lot about that style of omelette since, until we featured a restaurant in New York doing a similar version.

Fast forward to a year later and, of course, I’m giving omurice a try on You Can Do This. Ahead of filming, I assumed this was pretty much like the French-style omelette I learned in culinary school — no browning, and constantly swirling the eggs until set. But watching videos of omurice masters is proving that there is a lot more technique involved.

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