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Watch: How Does a $100 Blender Stack Up Against a $600 Version?

Is the chef-backed Vitamix really worth the hype?

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Before the KitchenAid stand mixer had its time, a blender was the one constant on a home kitchen’s countertop. Your average blender has been used to make everything from milkshakes and soups, to salad dressings, smoothies, hummus, and plenty others; which is why it’s among the personal favorites for Kitchen Gadgets host Esther Choi — who is testing four different blenders in this episode.

Gathering a wide range from high-to-low, Choi is testing the high-performance Vitamix (which retails from $400 to $600), and the Magic Bullet — which costs $40 and mostly specializes in making smoothies. Falling in the middle are the Breville superblender which comes in at $400, and the Ninja blender which is not unlike the Breville and only costs $100. In her tests, Choi is checking how finely each blender can grind corn kernels, and how efficiently each can make a fruit smoothie.

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