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Burger King Agrees to Play Toto’s ‘Africa’ on Repeat in London Location

The people have spoken, and they want more Toto

Toto’s Steve Lukather with the Burger King logo.
Steve Lukather photo: Getty/Frazer Harrison. Burger King logo: Getty/Dave Rowland.

Every year or so, the citizens of the internet get obsessed with some corny old song and spin it off into a series of memes. “Never Gonna Give You Up,” started the trend a decade ago, and both “All Star” and ”Smooth” got the full meme-overload treatment in recent years. And now, the internet pranksters have decided that Toto’s schlocky 1982 ballad “Africa” is the funny song of 2018.

Perhaps inspired by the popularity of Weezer’s new cover of the tune, the UK arm of Burger King launched a Toto-themed social media stunt, promising to play the power ballad at one location of the chain in exchange for RTs:

The chain reached its goal mere hours after this tweet was sent out into the digital ether, and this morning Burger King announced that it planned to blast the power ballad through the speakers all day at a location in London. So far, there haven’t been any reports on the ground from happy Toto fans, but at least the band appears to be enjoying this stunt:

And, in other viral Toto news, the band decided to repay the favor to Weezer by recording a version of their song “Hash Pipe.” The new cover track drops on Friday.

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