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Watch: D.C.’s Bad Saint Is America’s Most Popular Filipino Restaurant

Lines for the essential restaurant form daily, hours before opening

“What you experience at Bad Saint is really an amalgam,” says owner Genevieve Villamora who co-owns the restaurant — one of the 38 best in America — with chef Tom Cunanan. Villamora gives credit to Cunana’s vision, love of Filipino food, and personal experiences with the cuisine as what continues to bring the Washington DC restaurant forward.

I remember when I first heard about Bad Saint: it was not long after the restaurant opened in 2015, and a friend had told me that people were lining up for hours to try this Filipino restaurant — the first time I ever heard of anyone doing such a thing. I knew I had to stop by for a visit for an episode of Halo Halo — Eater’s four-part series that explores the changing landscape of Filipino food in America. In my conversations with the owners, I learn more about the experience they strive to provide for their diners, many of whom have never tried Filipino food before.

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