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Customers Might Forgive Papa John’s If the Chain Separates Itself From Papa John

Plus, Taco Bell wants to give free food to touring bands, and more food news to kick off the week

Papa John’s pizza boxes showing an illustration of founder John Schnatter Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • Papa John’s is working hard to separate itself from Papa John Schnatter, the founder and former chief executive officer who brought scandal and shame to the pizza-delivery chain. Since Schnatter’s racist comments and alleged sexual misconduct were revealed, sales have fallen off a cliff. There are no guarantees, but if the company is successful, the Wall Street Journal believes customers will eventually return to PJ’s.
  • Bloomberg has a first-person account of what it is like to live in Caracas, Venezuela, a city without water.
  • To the delight of grocery shoppers in Mexico City, opera singers are performing for free at CDMX supermarkets, reports Quartz.
  • It seems Taco Bell wants to become the official fast-food chain of rock and roll. T-Bell is giving away $500 gift cards to up-and-coming bands on tour, according to the Takeout. This publicity stunt is known as Feed the Beat, and bands can apply for the free food online.
  • McConnel’s Ice Cream started as a small, family-owned dairy operation in Santa Barbara, California. But as Bloomberg notes, it has exploded into a massive, family-owned dairy operation.
  • Silicon Valley CEO Chris O’Neill, of Evernote, shares a window into his typical day with the New York Times. “I have a very light breakfast. Usually for me that’s a banana or an avocado. As my metabolism has slowed, I find what I eat has become far more impactful than my exercise routine. Frankly, I just try to eat less. I’ve experimented with intermittent fasting, but that’s become like Allbirds shoes in the Valley — so much a stereotype that I don’t even want to mention it.”
  • Now that research is showing breakfast cereals contain traces of dangerous pesticides, the New York Times reports Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency is curbing studies of pesticides.
  • And finally, hundreds of Los Angeles food obsessives gathered to pay tribute to the late and legendary critic Jonathan Gold on Sunday. There were gold lampposts, taco trucks, and new outtakes from the City of Gold documentary at the public event in Downtown LA, per the Los Angeles Times.