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Chance The Rapper’s Movie Debut Is About a Pizzeria Built on the Gateway to Hell

“Slice” also features werewolves, and Joe Keery from “Stranger Things”

The trailer for Chance the Rapper’s film debut has landed, and the hip hop star’s pizza-centric horror-thriller-slasher Slice seems rather, uh, all-dressed.

Bearing the tagline “Dead. In 30 minutes or less,” Slice traces the aftermath of a murdered pizza delivery driver, leading to a bloody romp loaded with a portal to hell, stabbings, car-crushings, and Chance morphing into a werewolf.

Chance himself is key to the plot, playing a not-quite-human pizza delivery driver, alongside a cast that includes Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Deadpool 2) as some kind of paranormal investigator, Paul Scheer (Veep) as the pizza store owner, and Hannibal Buress as a man exclaiming “oh, damn.”

In 76 seconds of trailer, it’s not easy to parse the exact plot, but here are a few takeaways:

  • The pizza place where Chance’s character works is apparently “pretty shitty.”
  • That pizza joint is constructed on a gateway to hell.
  • Hell seems to house werewolves, of which one is Chance the Rapper (posing as a delivery person).
  • That gateway to hell might prompt people to spew some kind of green forcefield from their faces.
  • Slice seems to have a sizable budget for actors’ sneakers.

Obviously, it’s all rather tongue in cheek — take a look above.

Slice [YouTube]
Here Comes a Movie About a Serial Killer Who Targets Pizza Delivery Guys [E]

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