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Papa John’s Taps the Man Who Inspired Ari From ‘Entourage’ to Save Its Image

Plus, Americans now prefer cocktails over beer, and more food news

A Papa John’s Pizza box Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • Mass-market pizza chain Papa John’s has a bad reputation these days. The company figures hiring a guy who inspired a sleazeball character on a sleazeball television show will turn things around. PJ’s is tasking the ad agency owned by Ari Emanuel, the inspiration for Ari Gold on HBO’s Entourage, to turn its image around, reports CNN Money.
  • An ingenious moocher tells Vice about his exploits visiting fancy San Francisco open houses just for the free food. This guy must have been a big fan of the Paul Rudd-Jason Segel bromance flick, I Love You Man.
  • In an effort to compete with Walmart and the new Amazon-Whole Foods juggernaut, Ohio-based supermarket chain Kroger is launching a delivery program, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • A woman in Buffalo, New York, is suing Canada Dry over alleged false claims that the ginger ale contains actual ginger, per Munchies.
  • Condolences to Keith Jordan, who, according to the Takeout, was arrested for allegedly stealing $170 worth of Walmart steaks and trying to hide them in his pants. Next time he tries to pull this stunt, Keith should go with a wider leg on his Jncos.
  • Kris Yenbamroong, chef at the excellent Los Angeles Thai restaurant Night + Market, is shilling for expensive casual men’s clothing brand Bonobos on Instagram.
  • Say it ain’t so: Texas Monthly reports Kreuz Market in Lockhart now offers customers — gasp — utensils and barbecue sauce. The change comes after more than a century of Kreuz operating as a sauceless, forkless business.
  • Oakland’s most exciting restaurants prioritize activism, according to Mic. “When you have all these artists, activists, chefs, really racially and economically diverse people driven by change, with an attitude of ‘We can fucking do it ourselves,’ that’s the type of environment that creates great restaurants,” chef Preeti Mistry tells the publication.
  • All of those ubiquitous craft cocktail programs at new restaurants across the country are making an impact. Americans are now drinking more mixed drinks than beer, reports the Wall Street Journal.
  • Starbucks wants to offer delivery at more than 2,000 locations in China. The coffee giant is partnering with Chinese retail conglomerate Alibaba Group to get the project off the ground, per CNBC.
  • Finally, a Golden Girls cookbook is on the way. Recipes in the book will be inspired by the show, according to Babble, and fans can expect it to hit shelves in 2020.