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Watch: Do You Need a Toaster for Just Grilled Cheese?

Kitchen Gadgets tests out a unitasker that could replace making sandwiches in a skillet

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Among the wild and hyper-specific tools we’ve tested on Kitchen Gadgets, a bright yellow toaster that only makes grilled cheese is one of the most niche. The $20 Grilled Cheese Toaster from Nostalgia promises to make two grilled cheese sandwiches simultaneously, and within five minutes.

As always, host Esther Choi is highly skeptical about the big promises made by a tiny kitchen gadget, but she’s giving the Grilled Cheese Toaster a fair fight. Unlike most episodes of Kitchen Gadgets, Choi isn’t pinning the toaster against the tried-and-true methods for making a grilled cheese. “When I look for a good grilled cheese I want perfect crust — it’s important that it’s super crispy and consistent,” says Choi. “And for the cheese you want it to be ooey-gooey-melty without being burnt or uneven.” And for just $20, maybe the Nostalgia toaster will give her that.

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