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Watch: Why Does Toronto Love Korean Pork Neck Stew So Much?

The Canadian city has an almost universal love for gamjatang

Toronto is full of its own unique culinary styles and trends, and one of them is the near-universal love for a Korean dish called gamjatang. A popular late night dish and hangover cure, gamjatang has swept across the Canadian metropolis with restaurants everywhere serving this classic Korean comfort bowl. Why exactly is gamjatang more popular here than perhaps even Korea?

The answer might be twofold. First, it’s affordable, filling, flavorful, and fun to eat. That makes it popular with college students and young revelers hitting the town and looking for something to soak up booze at the end of the night. The second reason is more practical: it gets very cold in Toronto and winters can be unbearable. So a steaming hot bowl of tender pork meat, potatoes, and broth is the ideal solution. I’m hanging out with my friend Madeleine Lee, a local food and music writer, at North York icon Owl of Minerva to experience one of Toronto’s most cherished Korean dishes.

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